Commercial Painting Services

Commercial painting has a lot of overlap and transparency with residential painting. The qualities that make a good painting company are similar in each case. An honest painting company needed that works safe, is reliable, skilled and gives excellent customer service. However, there are several ways in which commercial painting is more demanding, requiring additional skills to handle well.

Our Experienced Team

Our team is skilled professionals that are trained to be detailed, efficient and always providing a quality finished product! Many commercial painting companies use subcontractors for a portion of their work, which means customers are not aware who will be in their facilities. At Emerald Painting, we only use employees under our Emerald Painting umbrella! All our employees have been rigorously screened and thoroughly trained, and they wear our uniforms. We take responsibility for everyone who bears our name, so you can be assured of the utmost professionalism. The paint industry is continually creating innovative new products and solutions for a variety of applications. Our knowledgeable crew has worked with many different surfaces from industrial epoxy coatings, to elastomeric concrete paint applications, metal, drywall, typical wood & wood siding  and other commercial materials. In order to keep up with the field and provide the best services to our customers, our commercial painting employees receive regular education and training.

Project Management

Every successful commercial painting project starts with efficient project planning. When we founded Emerald Painting, we set goals to provide Honolulu property management groups and business owners with competitively priced and quality painting solutions. With ten years of experience in the Hawaii painting industry, the Emerald Painting team can meet your budgets, along with targeted deadlines. We are prepared to work with any schedule in order to complete your project with a minimum of disruption to your business. We work with our clients to find the best schedule that will accommodate your targeted deadlines and business operating hours.

Our Diverse Range of Services

With the vast range of commercial clients that exist, a quality commercial painting company needs to offer an equally large range of services. We provide exceptional painting services for Oahu’s townhome communities, high rise / mid rise / walk-up buildings, warehouses, retail stores, corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, libraries, churches and houses of worship, medical facilities, and much more! Whether you need to paint your office space, building, warehouse, townhouse subdivision or any other commercial premises, we have the resources to provide quality service at a competitive pricing.